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Apple is an extensive technological and media provider hosting numerous features and technological advances. So whether you need advice on the correct MP3 player for yourself, or whether Safari is the correct internet browser to use, along with the numerous video editing, music and video playback software features we will be here to help you every step of the way.

Safari internet browser by Apple revolutionize the way you browse the web, however due to it being so unique from other internet browsers when problems occur or you require help it can often be difficult to find solutions to your queries. At the IT Helpline our advisors are fully trained in using the Safari browsing system and can assist from the initial installation of the browser onto hand held devices or desktop computers, to changing the theme and skin of the browser. We can help you install plug-in's and software, access browser history to spell checking emails before sending them. Finally we can talk you through making sure that your browsing is safe by setting security features in order to overcome errors and viruses.

Apple offers numerous music software providers including iTunes and QuickTime, both of which host numerous features allowing you to play media on a handheld or desktop device. Everyday customers experience common problems with this music software, so rather than be daunted by the problem in front of you, contact our advisors in the UK who will be able to assist with installing the music software, account management, downloading purchased media to your iTunes or QuickTime account, accessing your library, creating files and folders and playlists. We don't only provide assistance with regards to your media library we can also assist with connecting an external device and transferring the music to the connected device along with safely disconnecting the device. Error codes and warning messages can sometimes appear, at the IT Helpline we can makes sure your account hasn't been hacked or used without your permission, leaving you safe in the knowledge it hasn't been used fraudulently.

Apple Final Cut allows for editing and creation of video. Whether you're requiring a guide on how to install the software to using the numerous editing, effects and audio enhancements, our advisors at the IT Helpline will talk you step by step through these features allowing you to use Apple Final Cut to its full potential. We don't only assist with using Apple Final Cut we can advise you how to import and export videos in order to optimise the performance and optimise memory usage.

QuickTime, by Apple, allows users to view various kinds of video in high definition, so whether you want to know how to install QuickTime, to the file formats supported and how to stream QuickTime movies we are on hand to assist you every step of the way at the IT Helpline. We can also help you should error messages appear on screen, along with updating the software.

Apple's numerous iPod designs, all of host excellent software features, so whether you need help in demonstrating how to use these numerous software features to problems that may occur with the device we can help and assist you. Our advisors have been trained in adjusting the audio, connecting devices to computers in order to transfer music, the music file types supported by iPod, connecting your device to stream radio stations, along with updating the software on the device. So whatever your iPod query contact our friendly and helpful IT Helpline advisors for support and assistance. 7

Apple is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers so whatever your question or query regarding your iPhone we can assist you. Whether it's the initial setting up of you iPhone and using the numerous features of your iPhone, to setting up the security features including passwords, to enabling the audio features and understanding the numerous sms, mms or email messages we are on hand to help. We can talk you through step by step how to connect your iPhone to a PC suite in order to back your device up, along with connecting a car kit and charger to your iPhone. Our advisors are also trained in emergency situations including error messages appearing on screen. So don't hesitate, whatever your iPhone query contact our advisors at the IT Helpline.
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